Maintenance-free Dust Management Solutions

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Maintenance-free Dust Management Solutions


Clearing the dust off all areas.

Dust issues cover a lot: health and worker safety, environmental degradation and premature failure of key mechanical components. Also, conveyor systems are invariably subject to high environmental scrutiny because one of the most pervasive environmental problems with them is that same dust generation. Allow Gulf to clear the dust for you.


Stopping dust at the source.

A pro-active approach to dust management is the first best step. The point at which most dust is generated is invariably the transfer point and typically results in the installation of expensive dust collection systems that require frequent maintenance.


Fresh thinking.

The key to minimizing the generation of dust at the transfer point is controlling airflow around the material mass as it is being handled, changing its direction and orientation. Airflow across material mass must be minimised in terms of volume and slowed so its capacity to carry micro fine material is also minimised. The key to that is material flow control is controlling the induced flow of air.


Ingenious designs.

Through a thorough understanding of dust generation and airflows, Gulf has incorporated key design features in our Stall Flow Technology and transfer chutes to mitigate dust generation. Key to these designs is not expensive, high maintenance equipment, but ingenious design that minimises dust generating at the source.


Generate less dust and more savings.

Stall Flow Technology design reduces costs and increases efficiency within the bulk materials handling system. Find out more about Stall Flow Technology and how it can help reduce dust generation and related costs on your site today.


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