Transfer Chute Design Modelling

Expert Training and Education in all aspects of Bulk Solids Handling including Transfer Chute Design

Transfer Chute design modelling


Keeping the expensive scaled down.

Dealing with expensive capital equipment can be to say the least, expensive. Knowing a design concept will perform to expectations once it has been built and installed is critical. Traditionally this has been worked out using one of two modeling methods: Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) or Dynamic Scale Model Analysis (DSMA).


Knowing the probability.

At Gulf we test our design concepts using the Dynamic Scale Model Analysis. This allows visualisation of the flow of the material under conditions that best resemble full-scale transfer chute operation, which leads to more predictable outcomes for the final fabricated product.

Gulf’s design modelling is fundamental and critical when dealing with difficult ores or transfer chutes that have previously been problematic.


Knowing you’re working with the best.

At Gulf one thing you know about the future for sure is you’ll be using the leading professionals to ensure the accuracy and predictability of modelling to guarantee the highest standards are met.  To learn more about the scale of Gulf’s abilities contact us.