Training and Education

Transfer Chute Design Manual

The Transfer Chute Design Manual

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Reader Review: “This manual provides a valuable insight into the vagaries of transfer chute design and emphasizes that the design must not be treated as trivial”

Transfer Chute Training and Education

Training and Education:

At Gulf, we offer a range of different training and educational courses in a format to best suit our customers’ needs. We offer a range of delivery options from on-site training to remote webinar and video link options and our modular approach allows our customers to select the topics that they want to hear in a timeframe that suits them. Modules cover a range of areas of the bulk materials handling process from components, their maintenance and safety through to troubleshooting, reliability improvement processes and complex design. Please explore our training options in the module tab below and download a training and education form to register your interest. If we can be of any assistance, please contact us at

Participant comments:

‘Excellent training. Will recommend to my other colleagues and other professional network that I have. I have no doubt the business will benefit the most from the timely relevant training’

‘The presenter was very clear and helpful on each person’s needs/problems at hand and helped discuss practical solutions/recommendations’

‘In the past we have had trouble finding a conveyor course that actually goes into general maintenance and fault finding. This course actually answers a lot of questions and problems in an easy to follow way’
‘Subject matter expert in the field with robust, practical work experience. Presented course with simplicity amnd learning reinforced the fundamentals of basic principles. I am very glad I attended this course’

During a recent training program with 35 participants

  • 100% agreed that the presenter was knowledgeable about the subject
  • 100% agreed the presenter was responsive to questions and group discussion
  • 98% agreed they would apply the knowledge and skills from the course to their current job
  • 99% agreed the training they received would have a positive impact on their productivity
  • 99% agreed the course was a valuable investment and use of their time