Fines Ore – Transfer Station

Material: Iron Ore
Status: 2013
Solution: StallFlow Chute and SmartFlow Deflector

The particular chute allows for fine wet-sticky material (-8mm) at 16,000tph. This provided a significantly improved surcharge angle on receiving belt compared with previous chute and in addition to higher volumes of ore through the chute. Increased maintenance shutdowns in excess of 52 weeks, both for chute and deflector.

Key performance features are summarised below:

  • Consistent throughput at >15,000 tph
  • Capability to handle various products including unwashed fines, washed fines, wet fines and dry fines
  • No blockages under design operating conditions
  • 57 weeks until first chute repair – replacement of 2 panels only
  • Belt top cover wear reduced by 20%
  • Chute MTTR 48 hours
  • SmartFlow deflector life 152 weeks

Optimum surcharge angle onto receiving belt (>25°), when compared to adjacent ceramic lined chute (same operating parameters)