Expert Training and Education

Significantly reduce transfer chute maintenance and at the same time significantly improve transfer chute reliability and productivity
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Expert Training and Education

Experts at the coalface and the white board.

Bulk materials handling is a unique and complex field. Understanding the terminology and flow principles of bulk solids is difficult. It’s not readily taught at university level and is often taught using outdated texts.

The result is personnel responsible for designing, installing and operating bulk handling assets simply not being prepared for the complex flow behavior of bulk solids.

This leads to a trial and error approach to design and operation, increasing costs and downtime.


Eliminating the trial and error approach.

In today’s competitive market, companies simply can’t afford a trial and error approach.

Expert training is essential in operating a safe, efficient and reliable bulk materials handling system. Importantly, it also fosters greater awareness of safety and process improvement.


Getting the most from your most important assets.

At Gulf, we know the greatest asset is your people and we know through increasing their knowledge base and understanding, a more efficient and productive environment grows.


Let the experts step up to the whiteboard.

Gulf provides a range of training and educational courses to suit all needs. Whether you’re looking for training that can be accessed remotely or looking for a customised course presented at your facility, we have a solution for you.

Explore our range of course topics in our on-line store or contact Gulf directly for more information.


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